About Vías

We are Latino Marketing Consultants

Latino experts, multicultural approach

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Vías Latino Marketing Consultants is a full service advertising agency. Since 2013, the Vías team has been delivering cultural insights to our clients so they can build deep connections with Latinos and other multicultural communities. We help ensure multicultural outreach, communications, and advertising is relevant. Our multicultural approach is intentional as we develop content, design, advertising, and marketing.

Vías clients are from diverse industries, such as healthcare, banking, and government.

Our Values

We value diversity, justify strategy with well documented processes, encourage feedback, and respect aesthetics that are divergent from our personal tastes.

Our Mission

As diverse communities continue to flourish in the U.S., Vías will continue to strive as innovative and responsive marketing specialists within an emerging multicultural America.

The Vías team

Multicultural | Creators | Strategists

Founders Gonzalo and Jonathan collaborate with a diverse team of independent consultants and creators to serve Vías clients.

  • Gonzalo Ramirez - CEO / Managing Partner - Vías Latino Marketing Consultants

    Gonzalo Ramirez


    Managing partner at Vías. Gonzalo leads operations, content development, & manages client accounts.

  • Jonathan Barrera Mikulich - Chief Creative Officer - Vías Latino Marketing Consultants team

    Jonathan Barrera-Mikulich

    Chief Creative Officer

    Co-founder and Vías’ Brain Trust. Jonathan leads strategy in brand development and creative direction.

  • Kaitlyn Califf - Project Coordinator - Vías Latino Marketing Consultants team

    Kaitlyn Califf

    Project Coordinator

    Kaitlyn juggles numerous projects in sales, business administration, marketing, event coordinating as well as creative design.

  • Erik Lauche - Collaborator, Creative Director & Founder of carlosestrada.co - Vías Latino Marketing Consultants team

    Carlos Estrada

    Creative Director / Owner at carlosestrada.co

    Carlos collaborates as our Creative Director.  An information design consultant who serves clients like Herman Miller, and is a D+I task force member with AIGA National.

  • Erik Lauche - Collaborator & Creator Founder of Carbon Stories- Vías Latino Marketing Consultants team

    Erik Lauchie

    Creator – Founder at “Carbon Stories”

    Erik is our video and photography partner. Through his company, he brings his team to collaborate with us on our clients’ projects.

  • Tete Castillo - Conceptual Designer - Vías Latino Marketing Consultants team

    Teté Castillo

    Conceptual Designer / Owner “Teté Diseño Gráfico”

    Tete has been part of our team since 2015. She has been a Designer for over 20 years.

Vías’ Consultants

Content Development Team

Emily Hunsberger: linguist, writer, strategy

Alicia Duque: writer, media, journalist

Nias Vahdat: writer, content refinement

Jorge-Alberto Orozco: writer

Dimitrio Bayardo: writer

Advisory consultants:

Carlos Sanchez: leadership, strategy

Past consultants:

Monica Smith: former partner, media strategy

Raul Alvarez: media relations, strategy

Max Kramer: bookkeeping

Learn more about Vías and how we approach our work through our blog.